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Xiaomi released two of the most affordable fitness trackers in the past, and now they’ve released the Mi Band 3. It is one of the best fitness trackers in this price segment without any doubt, but is it worth it? This article will deal about the topics of getting the mi band in India, battery life and answers to many of your questions.

Mi Band 3: Initial Impressions

Mi Band 3 Review

Mi Band 3 Review

It took me 12 days for my band to ship to India. I had ordered it from Aliexpress, one of the biggest marketplaces out there. As soon as I received the package, I could a see a good looking box containing my band capsule. It also came with chinese documentation, the default black strap and the charger.

Features and Specifications

The smart band sports a 0.78-inch OLED panel, which is higher than that of the Mi Band 2. It can fit 26 characters in the screen at once and is powered by a 110 mah battery. It comes with a feature to find your phone when connected and vice-versa. It now allows apps to send notifications as well. It also sports a stop-clock and a weather section.

You can view who’s calling and also use it to silence calls directly from your band. The sensors can detect the number of steps you’ve taken, calories burnt, distance walked and check your heart rate. The feature I love the most about this band is the sleep tracker.

NFC or Non-NFC?

The Mi Band 3 comes with two variants, namely the one which supports NFC and one which doesn’t. Supposedly, the version with NFC can be used for instant transactions at places like the supermarket. Yet, I went with the non-NFC version as there are many shops that don’t even accept cards – here in India.

Battery life

One of the main reasons I opted for the Xiaomi band instead of the Honor Band 3, is the amazing battery lives from previous generations. As most of us are not fond of the concept of charging our watches everyday, the proclaimed 20-day battery life is very appealing. In my personal testing, the band gave me battery life of 17 days and 12 hours. Note that this didn’t include continuous heart beat checking, but I did play with that feature a lot.

Mi Fit App Experience

Mi Fit App For Mi Band 3 India

Mi Fit App For Mi Band 3 India

Since you can’t fit most of the features into a tiny display, the Mi Fit app is required to sync information between your phone to view information in the beautifully designed android and iOS apps. Using the application you can set alarms, events, compare sleep patterns, track weight, monitor heart rate, and much more. You can use it to remind you to wake up after you’ve been sitting for a while, add friends on Google Fit & WeChat.

Behavior Tagging

Since this a wearable it cannot be completely accurate. What if the band tracks shaking your hands as a step? That’s why Xiaomi has introduced behavior tagging with the Mi Band 3 where you can record a specific set of actions and using AI and machine-learning, the system can track more accurately.

Wearing it all day?!

Mi Band 3 Review

Mi Band 3 Review

Since it is water resistant upto 50 meters, I convinced myself to shower with it and nothing happened! I also wear it during my sleep every night, since sleep tracking is one of the main reasons I bought this device and even wear it during my daily workout to track calories burnt. I’m using the stock band which came with the box and have no problems with sweat. While there are after-market metal replacements, I strictly advice against those bands.


The Mi Band 2 has been known for its inaccuracy when it comes to the heart rates. This has been tested with real-life professional equipment and happens to be true. I wouldn’t vouch for it, but is on the same ball-park. After behavior tagging, the steps counted are slightly more accurate and I’ll update on it later. Weather information is accurate since it is surfed off the web.

Quality, Durability and Water Resistance

As mentioned earlier, I sweat a lot with this band and it seems to hold up nice. I’ve also taken a lot of showers with this band and nothing has happened. If the water directly sprays on the screen, it turns on for a moment or two and then closes. I would call it some good quality water resistance from my testing. Yet, I have had the band only for a month now and will add more to this article a little later.

Changing the Language

There used to be a lot of Youtube tutorials to accomplish this task, but now you can just connect it to the Mi Fit app from the Playstore and update the firmware to automatically change Mi Band 3’s language from Chinese to English.

Mi Band 3 or Honor Band 3?

While the Honor Band 3 does have some cool features I’d love to see on the Mi Band 3 like Music control phone call and camera shutter control, I’d still go with the Mi Band 3. I think it’s a matter of personal preference, but the Mi band does have a larger fan base. Both are water resistant up to 50 meters and both batteries can last you up to 20 days.

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2?

If you have a choice of getting the Mi Band 2 on sale, you can go for it. Otherwise, the costs are similar and thus obviously you should go for the latest iteration – the mi band 3.

Mi Band 3 Release Date and Price in India

This might be the section for which most of you might be here. The Mi Band 2 was a huge success in India, at least the HRX edition which didn’t include the heart rate sensor was. We aren’t sure if the NFC variant is coming to India. There is no “official” launch date for the mi band 3 release in India, it is expected to arrive by the end of the next month by prediction.

The price however is pretty evident, as the non-NFC variant costs about 1800 INR according to converted Chinese market prices.

However …

Are you are very eager like me to get your hands on the Mi Band 3 in India before any of your friends? You can get it from the below websites and get it shipped to you within 1-3 weeks.

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Pro Tip: Get the Mi Band 3 using the aliexpress’s mobile app to get 4$ off [For new users only].

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