My impressions on the CREO Mark 1

India is now the second largest market for smartphones followed by China. Because of this, there has been a lotĀ of start-ups and established brands releasing their phones with good specifications and low prices. A new startup named "CREO" join the race now, and here are my views on the company and on the phone. (more…)

By Bharadwaj Giridhar, ago

What you should know about Whatsapp’s Encryption

Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform which has made millions of people shift from SMS to Whatsapp. Recently the application included an "end-to-end encryption" feature. This feature has been available on alternative applications like Signal and proton mail for a long time. The real question you must ask yourself now is that, "Is it completely secure?" (more…)

By Bharadwaj Giridhar, ago