Here’s why I think Oneplus has taken a step backwards

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I’ve been a great fan of Oneplus for over a year. I was one among the first 1000 people in India to get the Oneplus One when it was first available in Amazon India. Now that we’ve established that I’m NOT a hater of the company, let’s take a look on why I think Oneplus has made a mistake in the field where they’ve excelled in the past.

I do understand that I will be in fact criticized for this unpopular opinion of mine expressed in this post. We are entitled to our own opinions and below I’ve made mine.

Let’s look at the past when Oneplus first released the Oneplus one. Oneplus was just a startup, but they were pretty motivated on making it to the headlines. Talking about the Oneplus One, the phone was almost perfect. Everyone who reviewed the phone was very satisfied by the fact that a new company has killed it with their first phone. The software out of the box was Cyanogen OS, which was already loved by many Android enthusiasts like me.

Apart from the software aspect of the phone, we also loved the form factor of the Oneplus one, which brings us to the main reason this post is being published. The Oneplus one came with a “Sandstone back” as the company calls it.
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Although it was a very new thing and it was very different looking from other phones, it was actually very practical. It made the phone easier to phone and impossible to slip out from your hand. Things moved on for the company, as they were gaining some good reputation. Then, the next phone had to come out which was the Oneplus 2. Although it followed a similar design language, it lacked NFC which made many claim that it was indeed NOT a flagship killer.

After that, they came up with the Oneplus X, (which is the phone I loved from Oneplus). It had a glass back, it was very premium looking at a very affordable price. Although glass backs are slippery, they are indeed not as slippery as smartphones with metal backs. Just when I thought the Oneplus 3 would look like the Oneplus X, leaks started to flood up my newsfeed and they weren’t pretty. I honestly felt that the Oneplus 3 was like a HTC One M7 with a few changes. I wanted to wait for the official release and maintained silence.

I’d always imagine any Oneplus phone with a sandstone back because it was actually good and they were selling sandstone backs for iPhones!

After a few weeks, a fortnight before the release of the Oneplus 3 I read an interesting statement by the CEO of the company and was confused.

Don’t expect a OnePlus X2, says CEO Pete Lau

I still waited for the official release and the day came. The rumors and leaks were real, and the Oneplus 3 didn’t have their trademark Sandstone back.

Any youtuber who reviewed this phone, (and no offense to any youtuber out there) would suggest putting a case or a skin on top of the phone. But I believed that Oneplus’s design language was so good thanks to sandstone backs they never needed one. Weeks have passed since the release of the Oneplus 3 and there are a lot of people out there who like their phones this way.

However, I loved the way Oneplus entered the market and how they practiced unique things in the industry. I hope the company does realize that they were better off unique than trying to fit into something any manufacturer can provide. #Peace!

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