How Instagram Became The Facebook of 2018

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Facebook has had great times. Unfortunately, the prime time is probably over for the social media giant, or is it? Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, and both of them have come a long way since then.

The concept of “Stories” is really interesting. It exploits some of the basic vulnerabilities of the human mind. If it weren’t that effective Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and even Youtube wouldn’t have copied it from Snapchat. In spite of the users criticizing platforms for copying the feature, users still can’t get enough of it. But is this feature enough to make Instagram the Facebook of 2018?

The Ideology behind Stories

Stories are instant, they are happening as you watch them. Just sprinkle the fact that they’ll disappear if you don’t watch it within 24 hours, adds a unique selling point to make you see it. We’ve evolved to a point where one can be easily judged for their posts on the feed of Instagram, but when it comes to stories the expectations aren’t high. Unless you’re Driftwood, most of the people don’t expect you to post high quality meaningful stories. They’re just fun to watch and “in the moment”.

But apart from these factors, let us not forget the attribute of these stories which made them this strong – the ability to see the list of people who have watched your story. For years, Facebook has been asking us to not believe apps that tell you, “Who visited your profile” since they’re fake. It was made in such a way, so the user who’s actually using the platform to stalk you feels safe, yet this is not the case with stories. The user is fully aware that his/her name will be visible to you if they’ve watched your story and yet they do proceed to see your stories.

I have to take a shot in the dark and say, this is just one of the concepts that are implementable now only because of the growth of Social media into our lives for the past years. If you weren’t trained by Facebook previously, you obviously wouldn’t let a nobody see what you’re doing throughout the day, ask you random questions, vote between stuff you like.

Instagram stories outgrowing Facebook post reach?

Facebook was obviously going downhill, even before the Cambridge Analytica leak – atleast for the millennial. The intrusion of parents and grandparents of the current generation was one of the biggest factors. Most of the users didn’t delete their profiles, they just became less active.

Just like smokers go for NRT after they try to quit, most of the teenagers were switching to Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram was already threatened by Snapchat, and any feature was bound to be copied. The surprise element is Whatsapp bringing in stories, and how it magically increased the time we spend on Whatsapp. The ability to directly initiate a conversation, with the context of the story is also an added bonus.

Instagram – 2018’s Facebook?

Let’s forget for a minute that both WhatsApp and Instagram is owned by Facebook and how WhatsApp is slowly becoming a network you can’t refuse to be on, at least in 2018. It reminds me of the society’s perception of Facebook back from 2010. But Whatsapp just isn’t enough for most of the people to express all of their thoughts in different ways. That’s where Instagram comes in as the perfect mix of both. One of the ways Instagram still manages to beat Facebook and Whatsapp in terms of reach, is with the support of celebrities and the ability to connect with anyone with an Instagram ID.

If you have to see someone’s story on Whatsapp, you’ll need their number and you’ll have to be in their contacts. This is not the case for Instagram. Facebook still does have a stories option which most of us don’t care about. This is not a prediction, this is so true that Facebook decided to add a button in Instagram to directly upload your Instagram stories to Facebook stories.

The final say

While we’ve made sure to not drag Twitter and Snapchat into this article, since they aren’t that active as the market in America. Most of us can agree that atleast for now, Instagram is the place you’ll find most of your time wasted – thanks to celebrities, stories and less family members.

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