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Google’s take on instant messaging was previously Hangouts. Now, a better messaging app integrated with Artificial Intelligence, we have Google Allo. Allo and Duo were introduced back in Google I/O 2016. While Duo was accessible in beta a long time ago, Allo just got released.

Google Allo features: Google Assistant.

The first feature I’d love to talk about is the assistant. It is named the “Google Assistant”. Sure, it isn’t a cool name like Siri, but it’s definitely awesome to use. You can use it for finding restaurants near you, find the movies playing near you, it even makes reservations for you, accepts voice commands a lot more! As it’s based on AI, you’ll find it very amazing to talk with this bot. Google assistant is in fact, funnier than most of the people you meet at work.


It learns more and more about you every single time you question it. While Natasha from hike did this way back, Google assistant is way better mainly because it is from Google. The mail you use, the videos you watch, your phone’s operating system is probably from Google too. Thus a big player rolling this out, both on Android and iOS, Google can try to build a siri for Android. However, we’re speculating that Google assistant will be taken to a whole new other level when Google now on tap screen search gets integrated with Allo assistant. We’d give that some time, mainly because Allo is still a “preview edition”


Smart Replies in Google Allo:


I can actually see people switching to Allo for this. Smart replies are definitely the most awaited feature by me of all time.

For example,

Allo smart replies

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iMessage, is that you?


You can see a lot of things in allo, that resembles iMessage in a very obvious way. You get similar sounds when you send and receive messages, you can send huge and small text.

Incognito Chats:

Allo also gives you an option to send private encrypted messages and set timers for when they get erased, however it isn’t as complete as Signal or telegram’s secret chat. You can still take screenshots of the chat window.


Bugs in Allo:


As it is still not completely stable, you can expect a lot of bugs. One such bug is that, if you try to mark and delete messages you won’t be able to. You’ll have to delete the messages one by one (as of 21/09/2016)


Upcoming features in Google Allo

I was talking with a friend of mine and he wanted me to work on a design for him. I wanted to set an event in the Google calendar that weekend, thus I tried typing @google set a reminder for this weekend.

We’re eagerly hoping for a web version of Google Allo.


As you can see the reply is that Google is still working on some cool new features for Allo. We hope it slowly replaces other instant messengers, mainly because of the fact that this can be an all in one.




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