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Fornite is one of the biggest and most successful games of 2018. The battle royale genre of games have had a tremendous success, especially due to PUBG and Fornite. Fornite:Battle Royale was not the initial idea for the game. It had other game modes such as Save the World which most of us don’t know about. Epic Games hit the lottery when this genre of games caught up with masses. The great thing about Fortnite is that, it is a free alternative to PUBG in computer. However, the PUBG Mobile game isn’t a paid one. Yet, the release of Fortnite for Android has been delayed too much.

The prime reason revealed by the company seems to be the huge number of Android devices in the market. It would be easy to optimize a game or an application for a handful of Apple devices running 2-3 iOS versions. The case is not the same for Android. However, if these many games can do it, we believe they can do it as well.

Fortnite for Android: Rumored or Real?

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Leaks suggest that Fortnite will not be released in the Google Play Store. To run Fornite Battle Royale on your smartphone, you’ll apparently also need an Android phone with higher specifications. Fornite has also released a list of smartphones that will support the game. If your phone isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean it won’t run on it. It just won’t be the best experience to play the game. With all of these out of the way, here are the top Fortnite Android alternatives.

I would like to strongly suggest the current applications that you see in the Play store are completely fake. Any application that guarantees you a “beta” version of the game is a hoax. Some users have also mentioned compromises in security after installing these hoax apps. Any update in the game coming to Android, will first be announced by the creator – Epic Games. You can follow Epic Games on Facebook and Twitter.

PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games

This game definitely need no introduction to anyone who’s into Battle Royale games. It is no doubt that the biggest rival of Fortnite Android is PUBG and vice-versa. Most of the Player Unknown Battleground fans claim it is one of the pioneers of this genre. Whether or not your device is going to support Fortnite Android – you can try playing PUBG in low settings. The voice-chat feature happens to be my favorite and definitely gives me a lot of LOL moments.

As mentioned the PC version of the game is paid, but the Android version is free. So make sure you download and enjoy with your friends. I would still keep my eye on the internet bill for updating the application every week.

Garena Free Fire by Garena Internation

A lot of my friends actively play this game during lunch, since it’s an easy way to kill some time. The graphics isn’t that great, as compared to PUBG or Fortnite for Android. However, Free Fire is said to be lighter than both of the other games. It also has an active community on Facebook. The size of PUBG and Fortnite for Android is above 1 GB, while Free Fire is just over 300 MB. The app developer has no other games showcased, and thus I’d trust this for swift updates.

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds by FPS Shooter

This is by far, the closest thing next to Fortnite on the Google Play store. The graphics having a trippy cartoonish style rather than being war-themed makes it a good alternative. I think of it as the battle royale version of Minecraft for Android. Although some users have reported bug issues, I’m convinced with the basic idea and it might improve soon.

Knives Out by NetEase

Knives Out is another Battle royale game that’s not so different from PUBG. It doesn’t have build wars, yet can be entertaining if you convince your friends to install it. The app comes from a developer, who has another Battle Royale themed Android game called “Survivor Royale“.

While Survivor Royale is focused in the sea, Knives Out is just like PUBG. The controls are similar and it can easily catch up with gamers.

Battlelands Royale by FuturePlay

This is really close to Pixel Unknown’s Battlegrounds, but here the game revolves on an aerial view. Customization of the tiny little cartoon characters can really attract a lot of kids. It seems easier to play than other games, since you can view a wider area in this game.

The Final Say

Although we tried to make the list interesting and diverse, most of them seem to follow the same template. It is rare to find features of some game, that are missing from others. A lot of these games also seem to fill up their lobby with AI bots. This in turn, makes the users feel like they’re winning against real people. In reality however, they’re just shooting bots that don’t fight back that hard.

The real fun of these Battle Royale games lies in playing it with your friends. It makes you feel connected on a whole new level. With everybody from kids having access to smartphones, it’s not a bad way to kill some time. Let me quote the game “Mini Militia” from 2 years ago, which captured the same feeling for me as a student. I still cherish the memories with the game, and it acts as an icon of a phase of my life. Game on!

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