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We’ve all switched from yahoo messenger, AOL to Facebook and Whatsapp. However, what still hasn’t change is the fact that we still have an email ID which we all use for signing up at different websites and internet services. Most of the people use the stock email application to access their mail, but some of us enthusiasts like to try out our options. This includes CloudMagic, K9 Mail, Mailwise, BlueMail, Mail.Ru and a few other apps.

Some of the popular options for managing email include K9 Mail, the one with the outdated user interface. The other answers often included a beautifully designed application for Android, iOS and Mac OSX named “Cloudmagic”. The application is over 3 years old, and we did love it till now. The name however, has changed. They’ve re-branded themselves as “Newton Mail”, they also claim that it’s not just the name that has changed. You now have a set of interesting features like Send later, whatsapp style – read notifications and a better calendar. Newton Mail is supposedly “supercharged emailing”, but what grinds my gears is that Newton mail (CloudMagic) is now a paid appplication for managing your email.


While we do acknowledge the fact that beautifully designed apps need monetization to continue being the same way, a subscription model for a email client isn’t very apt. Many of the users who’ve been great fans of the app, have started giving 1 star ratings in the Playstore for the same application. Here are some of the reviews being given at the Google Playstore, and it is evident that most of the users aren’t taking it easily.

CloudMagic is now a paid app

There’s no personal hate towards the application becoming a paid one, but most of the users just can’t accept the fact that an email client is now a subscription based one.


While we went ahead and read their blog we could see that the developers had their own reasons, including something like

We’ve arrived at this price after much consideration and believe this will allow us to invest in building a solid product, guaranteeing you with the best experience month after month (and cover recurring server costs). This will also help us sustain as a business and not have the same fate as some of our peers who either went out of business or got sold and shut down. For some time, email solutions were all about jazz with little reliability that only gave more frustration than value to users. We want to change that by offering you a product that just works.

As mentioned in the blog, you do get a 14 day trail, but if you do want to use it after that, you have to pay a recurring amount of 50$ a year.


If you can afford that much for an app you’re going to use daily, you should definitely go ahead and purchase this app.

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