Android-Chrome OS by Google to be teased on October 4th

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On September 19, 2016 Google published a video to their Youtube channel. It was a teaser of the new upcoming pixel phone with some good music. Everyone could identify it as the teaser for the new phone which is going to be replacing the nexus series. But rumors suggest that it’s more than that, especially for Chrome OS.

Chrome OS to merge with Android?

When Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior vice-president of Chrome, Android tweeted this, it was very clear that it was not just going to be the release of a new phone series

Also, the chrome blog released a changelog of a stable build for the Chrome OS which include Android apps. Sure it has been around since 2014, but only a small amount of apps were accessible.

All these sources suggest that we might be seeing Chrome OS merge with Android this October 4.

Google Wifi?

Google has been producing Google Onhub routers since August. They retail at around 219$ and there are a lot of users out there using Google Onhub, but Google Wifi is supposedly better. They consist of “modular bases” or “mesh technology” for this. It it said to cost around 129$ for the base module. It might be the new industry standard for Wifi-extenders. It is surely going to help homes which are large in size and offices which need good connectivity, without making huge expenses.

Google Home?

Have you tried Allo? you probably should. Think of the Google assistant from Google Allo as a stationary physical product constantly interacting with you (more like an Amazon Echo equivalent). It is also like having Google Now on all the time. You can ask it to play music, while you’re in the shower. You can ask Google home to read the recipe of your favorite dish while you’re in the kitchen. Basically, it’s like have Google now as a separate physical entity in your home.

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Home assistant by Google

Google Home assistant

Google Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast has been in production for a while as well. The version two was a good improvement as it could stream audio. Now, the ultra is said to work with 4k monitors or TVs or any display with a HDMI port. It is rumored to be a huge improvement over previous iterations and it now supports HDR. It might be priced around 69$ which is costlier than what they were in the past, but we think it might be worth it.

All the products mentioned above are basically rumors so we do acknowledge the fact that it is subjected to changes, especially in the pricing department. Time can alone tell if these are true, as we are waiting very badly for the Chrome OS Android merge. We hope it happens very soon, as it will definitely take Chrome OS to the next level in the Operating System industry.

Sources: Androidpolice, Androidauthority and Droidlife.



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