Action launcher 3 lets you take a bite of Android Nougat features

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We all like to customize our smartphones to make it unique. Some of us use skins, some use cases and some tweak the software. It is either by installing applications, customizing home pages, cool wallpapers and also installing launchers like Nova or Action Launcher. If you don’t use stock android, you are missing out a lot of the features Google has to offer. However, most of the manufacturers come up with their own skin on top of Android. Thus, to make your phone run stock Android, you can install a ROM like CyanogenMod or Resurrection Remix. Installing a ROM isn’t a easy task for many. You’ll have to unlock your device, install a recovery and back it up. An easier way to get a glimpse of stock Android is to install a launcher. 


We’re not saying that installing a launcher will make your phone completely stock Android. However, it does make you feel look and feel like it. It gives you a little glimpse of how your phone would feel if you were running stock Android. Anyone in the community will tell you that Nova Launcher and Action launcher are the best launchers you can install to your phone right away.


The two launchers have been dominating the launcher department of the Android Playstore for a long time now. Although Nova launcher is bigger, Action launcher constantly comes up with new ideas to beat the competition. Nova launcher has about 883,000+ users at the time of writing this article, while Action launcher has only 60,000+ users. It’s also worth mentioning that a new app was released for Action Launcher 3, instead of updating Action Launcher 2.


Before I turn this post into a Nova Launcher vs Action Launcher battle (which might be an upcoming article), let us dive into the new features of the launcher.


Android 7.1 features in Action Launcher 3.9?


You read that right. Action launcher 3 is well known for their swiping gestures in the past and now, those gestures let you do more! The launcher now has “Launcher shortcuts” or “Quick cuts” which gives you various options when you swipe an application. The Verge quoted that this is a similar feature to 3D touch shortcuts in iOS. 

For example, if you swipe up the Google drive app, you’ll see options like “Search”, “Scan” and “Upload”.

Here’s a video of the Action Launcher 3’s Quickcuts in action.

The update just doesn’t end there. You also have a new Google search widget

Action Launcher 3.9 Search widget

The new search widget

And a new date widget as well!

Action Launchers 3.9 date widget similar to Pixel launcher

The Date widget 

Worth the 4.99$?

You should know that the Action launcher 3 isn’t entirely free (that rhymed). You’ll have to make a 4.99$ in-app purchase. We personally support developers and buy their apps if it is worth buying. We think the action launcher is worth it, mainly because it lets you try new features of upcoming Android versions before the official release. Action launcher is trying to switch users from Nova launcher to them, and we think it’s honestly working! If you’d like a comparison between the two giants, let us know in the comment section below!



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