About us

Androar is a tech blog that focuses on all things related to Android, including in-depth non-biased phone reviews, app reviews, lists and opinions on trends in the industry. The blog is currently maintained by a single writer – Bharadwaj Giridhar. An Android enthusiast who loves to write about Android.

Androar is hoping to expand with more number of writers, and this page will constantly be updated with their information.

Our motive

There is no lack for the number of blogs that write about Android, however we hope to raise the standards readers have for Android blogs. All of the posts we write are unbiased and are focused in-depth, but at the same time if we do mention something wrong about a product, it doesn’t necessarily mean we hate the product. We just want it better. Yet, if we’ve still offended you please let us know and we’ll definitely look into it.

Future plans

Androar hopes to never degrade in quality. We aim to provide readers with quality tech content, that is easily accessible by everyone.
We’ll be launching an application for Android as soon as possible, which will deliver all information in a very elegant manner. The page will also be updated with the link.

Social media

Androar aims to actively interact in social media to know what the readers need us to improve. You can find our blog on most social media with the username – Androarofficial. Alternatively, you can check for our social media profiles in our sidebar. Connect with us on social media to interact, discuss cool things about Android!

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